Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.
Present in several historical markets each year.


Welcome to the website of Bikkel en Been.

Bikkel en Been has been replicating historical bone objects and using historical working techniques for over 15 years, supplying replicas of archaeological finds to museums and private customers all over Europe.


Besides replicas of objects in bone, horn, antler, wood and mammoth ivory, we offer demonstrations of historical bone working and wood turning, lectures on working bone in past and present times and bone working workshops for university/archaeology students.



Postage within the Netherlands € 4,95

Postage within Europe € 13,00

Postage outside Europe € 18,00



25 Years of Bikkel and Been!



For the customers on the markets in July and Augustus the following news:

When you buy for at least €25,- you get a double sided  horn comb for free!

See you in Raversijde (Belgium) and Visby (Sweden).









Events 2023

Sunday 6th  to Friday 11th August

Medieval  market in Visby (S), Kapitelhusgarden and



  1. making needle bind needle
  2. making small comb
  3. making blowing horn


14th century A.D.

link: https://www.kapitelhusgarden.se


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Who are we

Bikkel en Been was officially founded in 1997. In Dutch, "Bikkel" means "knucklebone", both  the ankle bone of even-toed ungulates and the game played with it, and "Been" means bone, our primary material. Read more...

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