Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.




Events 2020


Sunday 23 February

Steenwijks ontzet (NL)

16th century from 13.00 -16.30 hr in the Grote Kerk.

link: https://www.steenwijksontzet.nl


weekend 18 + 19 April Cancelled!

Historical market market Compiègne (F)

link: www.histoire-vivante.org

Friday 1 until  Sunday 3 Mai Cancelled!

Museumsdorf Düppel Berlijn (D)


link: https://www.stadsmuseum.de

weekend 25 + 26 July Cancelled!

Medieval market Museum Raversijde (B)

15th century

link: https://www.raversyde.be

Sunday 1 until 8 August Cancelled!

Medieval market in Visby (Zw),Kapitelhusgarden and

workshop bone needle making

14th century

link: https://www.kapitelhusgarden.se


Saterday 15 August Cancelled!

bone carving and wood turning

Etstoel in Anloo (NL)

17th century

link: https://www.etstoelanloo.nl

weekend 5 + 6 September Cancelled!

Medieval Ter Apel (NL)

15th century bone working

link: https://middeleeuwsterapel.nl

weekend 4 + 5 October Cancelled!

Historical market in Minden (D)

link: www.histoire-vivante.org

weekend 14 + 15 November

Historical market in Compiègne (F)

link: www.histoire-vivante.org


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